Witchy Kitty magnet or pin

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Witchy Kitty magnet or pin
Witchy Kitty magnet or pin
This adorable witchy Kitty has a sparkly orange bow and ribbon on their witch hat, and is holding a sparkly orange pumpkin.
You select the finish...Pin or Magnet, your choice!
Pins are a black rubber tie tack backing; Magnets are a small neodymium magnet

Material: Plastic and resin

Approx size of each: 1.9375" (h) x 1.5625" (w)

Since each pin/magnet is individually handcrafted, slight variances may occur with shape, color, glitter, gloss, etc.

**Fangirl Ltd is not endorsed or supported directly or indirectly by any of the official trademark/right holders that may be represented in this item. Items are strictly a creative rendition inspired by my love of the fandom.**

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